I’m running for President! Really. Just don’t vote for me.

Happy 35th Birthday to me!



End of list. 

That’s all. A vote for me will mean I ignore all other pressing issues and focus on that one thing and nothing else. There are plenty of other issues in the world, but converting the US to the metric is essentially the only one I see myself qualified to address. Mind you, I do not think that this is anywhere near the top of the list of things that need done (see below). But I do believe that aligning ourselves to the rest of the world will allow us to better solve the world-sized problems that are presently faced by humanity. Oh, and think of the jobs that it will create! We will have to update everything, it’ll be great and it won’t cause any problems at all. We will also reduce government wasteful spending. 

More to the point, getting older should always be celebrated. Life is the only thing that really matters in this world. Praise God, the giver of life. However, I find that there are few landmarks between the ages of 21 and 50. Ever since I read the constitution though, I realized there was something HUGE worth celebrating at 35! I’m an American citizen and I can run for President of The United States. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Original at https://www.usa.gov/election – Designed by Ifrah Syed (Nope, Don’t Care. by me)

By the way, I do honestly think that our political process has a lot of extra stuff in it that is nowhere required. So, on my birthday I’m going to celebrate myself and America the best way I know how. I don’t want my name on any ballot. I don’t care. All the same, I’m running for the office. Really (But maybe don’t actually vote for me, because I promise you I won’t do very much). I’ll be your plan B. How’s that?

I’ll be your plan B. How’s that?

But if you feel like supporting my campaign the following entities (and others) are collecting donations of time and/or money.

Or as a poet said: “The price the put upon the head of those with pointed views. Would be better spent on the children without shoes.” – Oysterhead

UNICEF USA: https://www.unicefusa.org/

St Jude’s Children’s Hospital: https://www.stjude.org/donate/donate-to-st-jude.html

Hands-on-Nashville: https://www.hon.org/donate

TIRRC – https://www.tnimmigrant.org/donate

CATF – https://www.catf.us/donate/

CFN – https://www.codefornashville.org/

Or find an organization local to you (findhelp.org) and get involved. 

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